Auskick with Matt

Well first week is out of the road. We hope everyone has settled in well. Just a couple of matters:

1) Age groups – understandably there is confusion with age groups as each sport is different. Please note with Auskick, that the age that they turn this calendar year is the age group they are in. Eg. if your child turns 8 this year, he/she is under 8’s. If they turn 9 this calendar year, then they are in the under 10’s. Hope this clarifies.

2) Under 8 coaching – ideally we would have 2 coaches per team. This helps when people are away. Currently we are short in the under 8’s. Any mothers or fathers who would like to coach, could you please speak to your child’s current coach. You don’t get paid but you do get a really fancy red shirt.

Thanks again.