Club History

Established in 1876 the Albury Tigers Club is a football and netball club based in Albury NSW and participates in the Ovens and Murray (O&M) league.

The Albury Tigers are a very strong club and a force to be reckoned with on the field. We have been very lucky in recent years with strong results across all grades by the football and netball sides who wear the famous yellow and black.

We have a very active and loyal supporter base, and new members are always welcome.
The club has fantastic grounds and rooms in central Albury, which feature a bar and function rooms.

We are very fortunate to be supported by a number of fantastic sponsors.
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Early footballers used a round ball with just two posts at each end for goal. It was not until the early 1880s that behinds were scored.

This came about not by using the point posts but by using a rectangular filed with the corner posts very similar to rugby. If the ball went “behind” the goal line the behind was recorded as one point. It’s not clear when point posts appeared but when playing fields became ovals the corner posts were brought in to give a point for a near miss. The round ball was eventually replaced by the oval ball to achieve a more unpredictable bounce.

Right photo: Part of an 1880s sketch of Albury Cricket Ground with two goal posts evident and the pavilion. The Union Bridge, a steamer at the wharf, the layout of the Botanical Garden, Hovell Tree Reserve, goal and hospital can also be seen.